Our Fleet – See what we have!

We are cooperating with the manufacturer of Cheval Liberte trailers, thanks to which we have the newest trailer models, which undergo comprehensive periodic inspections at the manufacturer’s factory. Every trailer is replaced with a new model after a year of use.

The best quality of horse transport

All of our trailers are equipped with an independent Pulman2 suspension, which dampens all bumps in the road and lowers the centre of gravity thanks to a very low floor. This ensures comfortable travel for the horses. The trailers are also ventilated thanks to four hopper windows. Every trailer is equipped with a camera, which sends the feed directly to the driver’s cabin, allowing them to watch over the horses during the travel.

A partition and safeguards in the loading compartment allows for full separation of the horses, which is especially important when transporting mares and stallions or two stallions at the same time. We also offer the possibility to separate the horses the typical way, so that they can still have contact with each other. This method is used mostly in the case of transporting young horses travelling for the first time, or mares with foals.

Appropriate permissions, full of professionalism

Our trailers are certified for transporting animals by the district veterinarian. Currently, the company has two pickup trucks – Dodge Ram 1500 and Nissan Frontier. Both are characterised by their reliability, strong petrol engines, large capacity and high travelling comfort. Both have 4WD, which ensures safety even in the worst conditions. The highest quality of horse transport

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